Pavilion Architects

Angola Offices

بواجهات زجاجية يرتفع طابقان من المكاتب فوق اعمدة تمنح الطابق الارضي قابلية الاستخدام كسوق تجاري واسع، يسهل الدخول اليه من عدة مداخل، تتوزع المكاتب في الطابقين بطريقة مرنة، تمنح المستخدم قابلية التحكم بحجم مكتبه تبعا للوظائف المراد القيام بها.

Two office floors with glass facades rise above vertical columns giving the ground floor a space for commercial use. Accessible by several entrances, the offices are distributed conveniently, providing the user a control of the office’s size according to the functions to be performed.

Two floors elevated by vertical columns which allow the ground level to benefit from a space adjacent to the street and thus to communicate directly with the commercial motion. Several entrances embrace the visitors. Offices split in a convenient manner allowing the user to choose his own office size and style according to the tasks aimed. The luminous Glass facades rise providing the offices with a pleasant surrounding view.